Request  a Hubspot Portal Audit


A comprehensive review of your Hubspot portal and recommendations to accelerate your marketing and sales performance.

Benchmark your current performance and use of Hubspot

The first step of your HubSpot audit is to establish your start point. We will evaluate how you are currently using the tools and your marketing performance benchmarked against industry averages.  

We will then evaluate your use of Hubspot to support your marketing and sales plans through the lens of your business goals and the four pillars of inbound marketing.

Attract vistors

 Evaluate your use of content strategy tools, blogging, social media and web pages.

Convert leads

Evaluate your use of CTAs, Landing Pages, Forms, Contacts, Lists and Lead Flows

Closing sales

Evaluate your use of Email, Automated workflows, Custom lists, CRM and Sales Tools. 

Analytics & Reporting

Evaluate your use of reporting tools and how data is driving your marketing decisions.

What do I get?

We start with a workshop, undertake desk based research and return to present our findings at the end of the project. You will receive a comprehensive report that outlines our findings including data insights, industry benchmarks and improvement plan that you either execute yourself or work with a Certified Hubspot Partner like Quantify

How much does it cost?
The cost is determined by how many Hubspot tools require to be audited.  The minimum cost is £2500.00 plus VAT